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Laptop Cooling Riser Stand

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SKU: 3256804169587817-2 fans-Australia

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Foldable plan, simple to store, helpful, and space-saving. The double super plan is reasonable for note pad cooling openings. The intensity dispersal is smooth. Calm breeze and rapid chose excellent anodes, quick revolution is as yet quiet. Different pinion wheels are appropriate for different utilization situations. There are numerous silicone cushions on the contact surface to keep slippage and safeguard the body from scratches.


  • Rated current: Dual fans/0.3A; four fans/0.6A
  • Product weight: Single/221g; double/299g
  • Noise level: <40db
  • Input power: Dual fans/1.5W; four fans/3W
  • Fan: ≥0.9m/s

Package Included:

  • 1x Laptop Cooling Riser Stand 

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